4 Reasons Your Dentist May Refer You to An Endodontist

4 Reasons Your Dentist May Refer You to An Endodontist

An endodontist is a dentist specializing in treating tooth pain, disease, and infection. Only a few dentists have endodontic training. In fact, it’s less than 3%

Endodontists complete an extra 2-3 years of education to better understand how to address tooth pain or sensitivity and how to perform root canals and other treatments related to the interior portion of the tooth. 

Because endodontists know so much about the inner workings of tooth roots and pulp, they can typically save infected or diseased teeth. So, if you have a tooth that is causing pain or is severely damaged, your dentist may refer you to an endodontist. 

Our team at the self-named practice of endodontist Robert Scott Nance, DDS, MS, PA, offers a wide range of endodontic treatments to address tooth pain and salvage infected teeth. This month’s blog discusses why you may need specialized care from an endodontist. 

1. You have tooth decay

Tooth decay occurs when teeth break down due to poor oral hygiene. Cavities can develop when you don’t brush your teeth regularly or floss. Severe tooth decay can lead to inflammation or even death of your tooth’s root tissues.

Endodontists like Dr. Nance can treat the damaged tissue and save the tooth.

2. You have an injured tooth

If your tooth becomes dislodged from the socket or knocked out completely, our team can stabilize it back in the socket and repair any tissue damage that resulted from the injury.

3. You have a tooth abscess

An abscess is a pocket of pus that develops due to a bacterial infection in your gums. The infection can quickly spread to neighboring teeth, tissues, and jawbone. 

To prevent significant damage, you need to see Dr. Nance for endodontic treatment so he can expertly address the infection.

4. You have a cracked tooth

A large crack in a tooth allows bacteria to enter the delicate inner tissues and cause an infection. So, if you find a large opening in one of your teeth, don’t delay seeing our team for treatment. 

Save your teeth with endodontic care

Getting endodontic treatment with Dr. Nance can save your tooth. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, we can determine if you need a root canal or another procedure to clear an infection and save the diseased tooth.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nance by calling your nearest office location or booking online. We proudly serve the Statesville and Hickory, North Carolina, areas. 


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