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If You Have Severe Tooth Pain and Swollen Gums, It Could Be an Abscessed Tooth

Tooth abscesses are not only extremely painful, but dangerous when left untreated. They are caused by bacterial infections, which can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. Recognizing the symptoms of an abscess and seeking treatment can be the first step to stopping the pain and preventing further infection. 

Dr. Robert Scott Nance is an endodontist in Statesville and Hickory, North Carolina. He and his team are experienced in identifying and relieving tooth pain of all kinds, including the intense pain caused by infection. If you're suffering from severe pain and swollen gums, it's important to know what an abscess is and why you should seek treatment. 

What are abscessed teeth? 

Also known as a dental abscess, tooth abscesses are pockets of infection inside your tooth or gum. There are a few different types of abscesses, but all involve some form of bacterial infection. The pockets caused by the infection are filled with pus, and they can sometimes rupture and spill into your mouth. 

The first step to treating your abscess is identifying what type of tooth pain you’re feeling. Abscessed teeth come with very obvious symptoms, including: 

These infections can also cause fever and facial swelling, which are severe and should be treated immediately. Infections of the teeth can spread to other parts of the head when left untreated. 

How are abscessed teeth treated? 

The treatment of an abscessed tooth depends on the severity of the infection. Some abscesses can rupture on their own, but treatment is still needed to protect the vulnerable tooth and prevent further infection. 

If your tooth is still largely intact, a root canal will be done to save it. Then, the tooth will need a permanent restoration to protect it. 

Sometimes, dental abscesses cause severe damage to the integrity of your tooth. In these cases, the affected teeth must be extracted. 

Abscessed teeth can be unpleasant and painful. Seeking treatment early is key to relieving the pain and stopping the infection before it spreads. If you're suffering from an abscessed tooth, make sure to contact Dr. Nance and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

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