Abscessed Tooth? We Can Help!

An abscessed tooth is clearly nothing to laugh about. Have no fear! A visit to Robert Scott Nance, DDS, MS, PA and his compassionate team at their state-of-the-art dental offices in Statesville and Hickory, North Carolina, will soon leave you smiling.

The ins and outs of abscessed teeth

When bacteria invade your mouth, a pocket of pus can form in the gum or teeth causing abscess. You may feel localized tooth pain or radiating pain in your ear, head, or neck. Dr. Nance quickly recognizes the issue and restores your mouth to avoid any further problems.

Indications of an abscessed tooth include:

Red, swollen gums

It’s hard to believe that something as seemingly benign as an injured tooth could cause life-threatening consequences. Should you suffer from tooth pain or any of the above symptoms, call us as soon as possible before things get worse. 

The many faces of abscess

There are several types of dental abscesses, such as:

Dr. Nance diagnoses you with a tap or two to gauge sensitivity. He’ll confirm his diagnosis with an X-ray and will identify how far the abscess has spread.

Resolving the issue in a timely fashion

We treat your abscess in a few different ways, depending upon the severity and type. Dr. Nance usually begins with conservative measures, such as draining the abscess and removing anything that has infiltrated the tooth. He may prescribe antibiotics to eradicate the infection. 

For more invasive cases, Dr. Nance may suggest root canal therapy or even extraction, if the tooth cannot be saved.

Complementary treatments

An abscess requires immediate dental attention. Before your appointment or in addition to Dr. Nance’s treatment, choose from the following alternative measures for temporary relief:

  1. Rinse gingerly with warm saltwater or baking soda, salt, and water.
  2. Apply a cold compress to reduce facial or jaw swelling.
  3. Place a few drops of diluted clove, oregano, or thyme oil onto a cotton ball or swab, and apply to nearby gums or gargle with a few drops in water to temporarily relieve pain.
  4. Sip some fenugreek herbal tea to reduce inflammation.

Your smile makes us happy

An abscessed tooth generally resolves within a few days of treatment. Follow up with our office so that Dr. Nance can ensure the infection hasn’t spread to surrounding areas.

If you suffer from any dental problems, such as painful abscess, please contact our office in Statesville or Hickory today.

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